Summer seasonal vegetables are back!

As the weather warms up and we head into our great Queensland summer, it is time to put away those hearty soup recipes and slow cookers!

Basket of Summer Seasonal Vegetables - Tha Pantry On Grey

We are very privileged in Australia to have such a broad range of produce available to us throughout every season, and summer is no exception.

Unlike many countries, our temperate climate actually means that we get to enjoy many varieties of seasonal vegetables all year round!  Our diets and recipes, however, are often determined by the weather and the lifestyle that comes with it.

In Autumn, we begin to cool down after our long hot Summer, and our meals begin to feature stir fry, pasta and risotto selections filled with in season asian greens, peas, mushroom and sweet potato.

In Winter, we enjoy rich and creamy pumpkin soup, hearty beef and potato stews,and broccoli and cauliflower bake to accompany our warming roasts of choice.

Spring is welcomed with lighter meals that really showcase the large selection of seasonal vegetables available.  Asparagus soup is a favourite, frittatas of zucchini, leek, vegetarian lasagne loaded with spinach, mexican dishes finished with guacamole  showcasing our readily available avocados.

Then, the heat sets in! Our summer seasonal vegetables are welcomed back alongside weekly barbecues and opportunities to cool off.  We refresh and revitalise by embracing our favourite leafy greens and lighter meals. Salads become the staple in many Australian homes with a delicious selection of lettuce varieties, beans, sweet corn, tomatoes, radishes, chillies and capsicums adding colour and flavour to our meals.

Humble dipping platters are cheerfully laid out with crunchy celery, cucumber and lettuce fingers accompanying the proverbial French Onion dip and cheddar cheese squares for casual get togethers.

As we head into the Christmas and New Year season, we see a larger number of “formal” events too.  The colourful celery and cucumber platters are replaced with gourmet antipasto selections to accommodate these events.  Summer seasonal vegetables zucchini, tomatoes, capsicum, asparagus, and even eggplant get to shine alongside the traditional olive,  cured meats and cheese selections to give antipasto platters a truly Aussie touch.

Many will argue that in Australia, we really are indulged with the temperate climate providing us with delicious and varied seasonal vegetables available all year round.  Foodies really do get to enjoy their gourmet delights at any time of the year, and the selection at The Pantry On Grey reflect this.

You are only limited by your imagination, and experimenting with twists on traditional recipes is not only fun, but also a way of discovering new flavours and textures that truly do showcase the summer seasonal vegetable ranges that we get to enjoy.

Celery and Carrot Platter - Summer Seasonal Fruits